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    Exceptional Performance:

    • Energy efficient to keep your power bills low.
    • “Perma Dry” self purging desiccant dryer. Fan cooled heat exchanger pre cools air and removes moisture before final drying stage in desiccant dryer.
    • Consistent high quality oil free dry dental air.


    Low Maintenance & Easy Service:

    • BaseVac dental compressors are built for years of reliable service with minimal service requirements.
    • Simple installation & easy to clean inlet filter.
    • Long desiccant life.
    • Long life piston rings and guide sleeve replace
    • guide rings in traditional compressors , easy to replace on site.

    Superior Reliability:

    • Heavy duty block with durable cast cylinders, forged steel connecting rods, and precision machined aluminum pistons.
    • Efficient aluminum cooling cylinder with niploid plated steel sleeve for longevity and precision machined pistons.
    • Chemical niploid plating of cylinder provides extended life and quiet cool operation.
    • 100% oil free design. No chance of oil bypassing seals to contaminate your
      compressed air.

    You’ve grown to love the power, efficiency & dependability of our dry vacuum systems. Now it’s time to see how we have brought that engineering to our oil-free compressors. Our engineers have designed our compressors for years of reliable service with performance you can trust. A heavy duty block, durable cast cylinders, forged steel connecting rods, and precision machined aluminum pistons means you'll get the longevity you deserve from a compressor. And with a 100% oil free design and our patented Perma Dry self purging desiccant dryer you'll get the high-quality air you need.

    Model DX 5.5
    Users 25
    Hp 11
    CFM 34.24 @ 73PSI
    Tank 130 Gal
    Electrical 220V / 3 / 60Hz / 22A
    dB 74
    L" x W" x H" 74 x 26 x 50
    lbs 573
    Part # 2880114



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