Warranty Policy


We at Canada Handpiece Inc. take pride in the work we do. Every handpiece is carefully inspected, repaired and tested to perform in accordance with manufacturer’s standards and specifications. We warranty all parts and labor for the complete period. During the warranty period, we will repair or replace any defective parts without charge. 

Item(s) that experience problems or fail during the warranty period must be sent to Canada Handpiece Inc. for evaluation and repair. Canada Handpiece Inc. warranty covers all repair defects. Warranties do not cover repairs resulting from improper maintenance, misuse or mishandling. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that your handpiece(s) are being maintained as per manufacturer specifications. Lack of proper maintenance, misuse or mishandling may void the warranty. Canada Handpiece Inc. has the discretion to void any warranty should they deem the handpiece has been cared for improperly.

Service of products during the warranty period does not extend the warranty period. The warranty period begins at the " original invoice date" of the invoice.

Canada Handpiece Inc. has automated warranty tracking so the original invoice is not required for warranty work. Warranty periods vary depending on the make of the handpiece and work performed. The warranty period is outlined when the work is estimated or conducted.

Kyle King – President