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      Our repair service includes repairs on ALL major makes and models low speed handpieces.

      Types we work on include Midwest, Star, NSK/Brasseler, Lares, W&H Adec, Bien Air, MTI Lynx, Nakamura, Micromite, Kavo


      Repairs include;

      • Replacement of bearings, o-rings, seats - and depending on make/model - all parts required to achieve optimum performance
      • Thorough Cleaning
      • Testing under load of 35 to 40 psi

      Low-Speed Head Overhaul & Aftermarket Replacement

      • KaVo push-button
      • KaVo latch
      • Midwest push-button
      • Midwest standard ball bearing
      • Midwest standard
      • Star push-button
      • Star standard ball bearing
      • Star standard



      Low-speed Overhauls staring at $135.00. Repairs from $45.00. Warranty 30 days – 6 months