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    It's not fun when you have to send dental handpieces: high speed and low speed motors, electric handpieces, contras, heads: out for repairs.


    First, there is the inconvenience of not having that dental handpiece available for the operatory. That means you want it back FAST.


    Then the 'logging' and notating on your records of what went wrong, then notes for the dental handpiece repair department, then: who you sent it to, where is that box to send it in, and will it be safe inside of it? (Do you have 24-48 hour turnaround on your repairs now?) How long it will take to get the dental handpiece repair accomplished, and last, and possibly the biggie: what's the repair going to cost? (We do free assessments on all repairs when requested.)

    You want administration to be easy and fast. Push the handpiece into the secure kit, seal it: put it on the counter for pickup, have your receptionist call the number on the label for pickup.


    We've made the whole situation easier, simpler, more concise for your administration and administration records: to reduce the time and the cost to your clinic. It's not hard if you are dealing with the right dental handpiece sales, service & repair company.


    Recognizing that time is your money, and that safety of your dental handpieces is a very valid concern, we've designed a Dental Handpiece Shipping Kit, with the following objectives in mind:


    EASY to administrate, with repair forms included in the kit. (copied by most of our competitors over the past 10 years)


    Easy to locate, because it IS unique: all of our couriers know where it is going to.


    Personalized labels for multi-dentist offices, with courier number to call right on the label.


    Secure and included return labels, which seal the container at the same time.



    The Dental Handpiece Shipping Kit is a durable, fully reusable and personalized dental handpiece administration and shipping kit. Our custom-designed shipping/transport kit saves time, money, administration and shipping costs. Our Doctor-clients and their administrators continuously compliment us on its administrative and shipping simplicity.


    It is specially designed to protect your handpieces from shipping damage. Our test method? Put five (of our KaVo's!) handpieces in it, and throw it repeatedly at a concrete floor. It passed the test with flying colors. The container was bruised: the tools were not affected. The kits have been in use (over 1400 of them) for over 10 years: NO damage or loss has occurred to-date, during more than 24,000 handpiece repair shipments.






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