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    Motor BL/BL ISO C/ BL ISO E/ BL Implant

    The brushless Sirona-motors BL are not only extra short; they also belong to the world's lightest and most ergonomic motors. These brushless micromotors are electronically controlled with perfection. They always provide constant maximum torque over a wide speed range of approx. 90-40,000 rpm (depending on the treatment center). Hygiene is part of the basic design of these Sirona motors as well: all motors and adapters have an anti-retraction valve, are maintenance-free and can be sterilized at up to 134°C.

    Motor BL Implant

    The slim and lightweight implantology motor BL Implant with internal cooling provides a max. torque of 5 Ncm. No air is emitted at the treatment site.

    For TENEO treatment centers



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