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    The RotaMax S6500KL model: KaVo type compatible (interchangeable with handpiece and couplings) High Speed handpiece, HIGH Torque Head (dimensions 14.40 mm X 12.5 mm) for fast removal cutting . Triple Spray, Fiber Optic.

    High quality, good ergonomics, excellent operation. Special Optic shoe design focuses the light with lessened shadow, glass rod optics transmit stronger light. 22 watt output : features the highest torque available for heavy cutting.

    Canadian manufacturer, economical to buy, economical to repair, with exceptional service-backing.

    Repacement turbine cost 1/2 of that of most manufacturer OEM, but with the same or better warrantee than most. Your future costs will reduce dramatically.

    All Sable Handpieces include Push Button chuck operation and a Quick Connect, 360 degree swivel feature. All products are supplied with a comprehensive manufacturers 12 Month warranty. Couplings are available at a discount as part of the purchase.


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