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    Elegant, compact design

    Owandy-CR is the most compact system of its type on the market. With its modern looks and convenient size, there’s a place for this new high-tech tool in every dental surgery.

    Optimal sensitivity and hygiene

    New-concept read head optimizes plate scanning. This system gives you extremely sharp images with limited doses and no overexposure risk. The plates are used together with a cardboard sleeve and a single-use hygienic cover, ensuring asepsis of the unit during the entire examination procedure.

    100% automatic and compatible with all plate sizes

    The Owandy-CR is extremely intuitive. It detects plates, their size, and the direction in which they are inserted. Reading and erasure are automatic.

    Easily share resources

    USB makes the device easy to install and use. Each practitioner can have one in his/her treatment room.



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