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    Integrated touch screen for immediate image display

    Software ergonomics specially designed for intuitive, touch-screen access to functions. Program examinations via the graphic interface and watch image acquisition in real time.

    HD images

    The CCD sensor generates high-contrast HD images that allow the dentist to make an accurate diagnosis within seconds.

    Complete programs

    14 programs available in panoramic mode, including standard, hemi-panoramic, bitewing, sinus & ATM. Choice of 5 formats for the cephalometry module, including frontal, lateral & carpus

    Ethernet or stand-alone

    The I-Max Touch can be controlled from any PC or via a network. Images can be stored to a USB stick from the control console.

    A mobile sensor. Flexible and affordable cephalometry

    Choose between panoramic and cephalometric. Choose between single and dual sensors. The sensor can be easily moved using the ergonomic handle.





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