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    EZ lube OneStep Handpiece Lubricant Dropper

    There are two different 'delivery-to-the-handpiece' methods required in every clinic for proper maintenance of the varying handpieces and attachments.  

    This is the method used for metering specific amounts, drop by drop, for those aspects where metering is needed: Slow Speed motors, heads, clips, rings, speed and direction change rings, and all other aspects where you want one or two drops directly to a specific point, reducing the waste that occurs with spray-cans, with which you simply can NOT meter small amounts properly.  

    It is available in 2oz bottles, designed with long nozzles. Each order comes with a very complete instruction sheet on when, how, and where to use this type of delivery method of handpiece lubricant.  

    The dropper bottle has an extra long and extra fine nozzle for perfectly directing your lube into the hard-to-reach places, and has an easy to place but tight-fitting top-cap to eliminate spills and waste. 



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