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    The Sable Industries Doctor's Package is a great dental handpiece package.  It comes a dental air motor 20K with a 4-Hole Midwest connection with internal Air and water.  This dental air motor is compatible with any contra angle handpieces or nosecone that is an ISO E-type connection.  The doctor package also includes a 1:1 contra angle handpiece with internal air and water and a Kavo style push button latch head. Also a 1:1 dental nosecone with internal air and water.

    Includes: 1610810 - KAVO type 1:1 Push Button BB Latch Head, 1610210 - 1:1 Contra Angle with Internal Air/Water, 1610310 - 1:1 Straight Nosecone with Internal Air/Water, 1610110 - IS-205 Type 20K 4-Hole Motor with Internal Air/Water.


    KAVO Interchangeable
    1 :1
    25000 RPM
    35 psi
    Gravity Displacement: 132°C or 270°F for Min. 15 mins w. 30 min drying time OR Pre-Vacuum: 134°C or 273°F for Min. 4 mins w. 15 min drying time. The procedure has been validated according to ISO 11135, suitable autoclaving packaging is recommended to preserve item in sterile condition.
    Light Weight
    1 Year
    Canada & USA




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