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    Alternative Cabinet or Wall Mount Automatic Control 3 HP

    • Individual drive air & water coolant controls
    • Multiple mounting options (refer to pages 93-95 in 2011-2012 catalog)
    • Precision Comfort Syringe
    • Wet/Dry foot control
    • Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 5"
    • 6 ft. of 1/2" Umbilical
    • Specify tubing color & type



    Alternative Cabinet or Wall Mount Delivery System

    With an Alternative Cabinet or Wall Mount Delivery System from DCI, expect an exceptional upgraded delivery system that is not only reliable, efficient, and flexible, but also affordable.  DCI Delivery Systems are designed to work with some of the most popular Cabinet on the market.

    With DCI delivery systems you can expect:

    • A sleek delivery system with smooth lines for easy cleaning and style that does not sacrifice quality. 
    • The value of exceptional add-ons and features without an additional cost. 
    • High-quality DCI components so that it lasts for a long time and requires minimal servicing. 
    • A variety of options so you can customize to your needs.
    • Reliability to allow for ease of service down the line and make maintaining your product as simple as possible. 


    • Flexible Mounting Options


      Updating your delivery system has never been easier. The Alternative Cabinet or Wall Mount Delivery System can be adapted to almost any environment. DCI offers many different mounting options and flexible arm systems to meet your needs.


    • Automatic Controls


      The DCI Alternative Arm Mounted Automatic Delivery System has automatic control for three handpieces available in left or right-hand configuration and comes with wet and dry foot controls.


    • Reliable


      Our DCI Delivery Systems come standard with sturdy all mental control head. It also offers smooth lines for easy cleaning to conveniently meet the needs of even the most busy practices.



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