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    These the two types of lubricant-delivery containers necessary in every clinic.
    The dropper bottle, 2oz: for the times when you need to do it manually, quickly. Dropper bottles are NECESSARY for metering drops to for slow speed handpiece maintenance, or by choice with 4-hole/5hole high speed handpieces. (Note: swivels, geared contras, complex heads, and electrics need aerosol SPRAY). 
    The Spray can accepts KaVo spray and similar spray can nozzles, and replaces them directly, with a proven better quality lubricant. 
    NO cleaners are required: this has inherent cleaning properties. Review the information under the menu in the main site for MSDS or test information. Comes with a FULL maintenance chart, developed by the top repair people in the industry, on the how's, where's and when you should maintain your handpieces.


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