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    For the times when you need backup, or if you are lubricating a gear contra or an electric handpiece, and must do it (as you should, with almost all automated machines) manually.  

    This injected spray is necessary for all swivel-type compatible fit handpieces, and for electric handpieces and all geared (other than 1:1 speed ratio) contra angles. It is also beneficial for the 'health' of 4 and 5 hole high speed handpieces. The Refill is used on Assistina, NSK Care3, American Eagle, Clearview, Tutenauer, and all other fill-able Automated handpiece maintenance machines. You should have at least the Spray as a backup for your swivel high-speed handpieces and electric handpieces: you and really should have droppers for low-speed application regardless.  

    With it's effervescence it naturally forces itself into all the areas of the handpiece. When applied with the proper nozzle, no other lubricants match its friction relieving and cleaning properties. NO cleaners are required: this has inherent cleaning properties. Review the information under the menu in the main site for MSDS or test information.  

    All KaVo spray and similar caps and nozzles fit right on this container, or nozzles are available by contacting us, and elsewhere in this catalogue. Does not come with nozzle pictured. 

    The automated handpiece-maintenance refill applies to all automated machines with a refill tank. It is specialy designed fro application to those machines, to give you the best cleaning and lubircation available. 


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