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    Autoscaler-Ultrasonic Scaler by Sable Industries


    HIGH PERFORMANCE RATINGS by a leading research institute.
    The AUTOSCALER is available in 25K and 30K models. It accepts, and functions efficiently with the corresponding frequency many manufacturer's tips such as Hu-Friedy, Whaledent, and Dentsply/Cavitron.
    The PRECISION AUTOMATIC TUNING CIRCUIT is designed to lock-in, and activate insert tips in an ELLIPTICAL pattern which provides feather touch removal of stain and calculus under all load conditions.
    An optical built in AIR MICROSWITCH ACTIVATOR allows the AUTOSCALER to be interfaced into the operatory air system, bypassing the need for a manual foot switch.
    LINEAR POWER CONTROL used by Periodontists for special applications and Routine scaling. The operator can choose the exact power level needed.
    Includes a DETACHABLE handpiece assembly for ease of service.
    SIX YEAR CIRCUIT BOARD WARRANTY. The longest warranty in the industry. Full parts and labor warranty for 6 years on circuit boards, and 1 YEAR on all other components (except handpiece cable). See warranty for exact details.
    Also available in a RETROFIT BUILD IN model. Ask your DEALER for features and specifications of this product.



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