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    Electric High Speed Dental Handpiece w/ Fiber Optics 1:5

    Electric High Speed Dental Handpiece w/ Fiber Optics

    Part #: AHP-72S-FO

    A Better Handpiece, a Better Price!

    With the Electric High Speed Dental Handpiece, you can get high speed fiber optic capability for a lower price than ever before! This handpiece is designed to be more comfortable during procedures, with a special coating and ergonomic construction providing a better handling experience.
    • Fiber optic capability provides ample illumination when used with a fiber optic motor
    • Internal irrigation efficiently cools the bur, tooth, and contra angle itself during procedures
    • Operates at speeds up to 150,000 rpm
    • Accepts standard high speed friction grip burs
    • Special coating and new ergonomic design allow for improved handling and grip during use
    • Fiber optic (w/ fiber optic motor)
    • Special coating for better grip
    • New ergonomic design
    • Internal irrigation cools bur, tooth, and handpiece
    • Speeds up to 150,000 rpm with 30k motor
    • Accepts friction grip burs




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